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0.106.3: Coronavirus integration (COVID-19), track the outbreak

In December 2019, an outbreak of a novel Coronavirus
also called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2
began in the Wuhan region of China. This virus can cause the
COVID-19 disease.

This novel Coronavirus is spreading globally at a disturbing rate, which keeps
everybody on top of the news. The media worldwide is covering the spread of
the virus constantly, and a lot of people are tracking the number of cases
in their country.

This special release adds the Coronavirus integration,
allowing you to track the outbreak from within Home Assistant.

The Coronavirus integration

While having a meeting at Nabu Casa,
we caught ourselves talking a lot about the state of the virus spreading in
the countries we live in. Which brought us to the subject of being able to
track the virus in Home Assistant itself.

So together, we started working on an integration right away. We decided to
bring you a special release of Home Assistant that includes this integration.

The Coronavirus integration tracks the number of people that are confirmed with,
recovered from, and deceased caused by the virus in your country, or worldwide.

The data is sourced from the Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus integration
Screenshot of the Coronavirus integration in Home Assistant.

Adding the Coronavirus integration

This integration can be configured via the Home Assistant frontend.

  • Go to Configuration -> Integrations.
  • Click on the + in the bottom right corner to add a new integration.
  • Search and select the Coronavirus integration form the list.
  • Follow the instruction on screen to add the sensors. Either choose for adding
    world-wide sensors, or a specific set of sensors for your country.

If you want to track both world-wide and one or more countries at the same time,
you can repeat the configuration process described above to add multiple
instances of the integration.


For the latest information about the Coronavirus, be sure check the website
of the World Health Organization. The WHO provides
good information on
basic protective measures
you can take against the new Coronavirus.

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Community Highlights: 4th edition

For the 4th edition, I thought it fitted to devote the community highlights to 3D!

That is actually a lie, the 3rd edition
would have been much more fitting, but was hijacked by Paulus 😉
At least it’s my 3rd community highlight writeup, so that counts, right?

Ready for some highly inspiring and mind-blowing 3D creations?

3D home navigation and control, using Unity

Are you sure you ready? Because Harrie de Groot created a fully navigatable
3D model of his home using Unity, accessible from within Home Assistant.

You really need to watch the video below now…

Well done, Harrie! That looks slick!

More details on his creation can be found on the
Home Assistant Community Forum.

3D printed interactive floorplan

If you have been around a bit, you might have come across a screenshot of
someone with an interactive floorplan in Home Assistant. Ryan Connolly
took that idea straight into the real world by 3D printing his floorplan,
wired it, and hooked it up Home Assistant.

Talking about taking things into another dimension…

Getting started with your own 3D floorplan

Ok, so the above two, rather impressive, listings might be a bit out of reach
for the most of us. Still, with some help, you could still achieve some pretty
nice looking 3D floorplans. Aaron Godfrey wrote a
couple of excellent blog posts on this.

In his first blog post,
Aaron shows you what his floorplan looks like

He followed up with two blog posting on how to achieve this:

Bonus tip: HomeByMe

I’ve personally got recommended a tool for creating a 3D floorplan with a tool
that is generally lesser-known, but actually pretty awesome! HomeByMe

Screenshot of HomeByMe.

This is a result of a 3D floorplan created with HomeByMe.

It works fully in the browser and I enjoyed the experience using that.
So credits where credits due: Thanks for recommending me this sweet little
gem Andrea Donno!

Got a tip for the next edition?

Have you seen (or made) something awesome, interesting, unique, amazing, inspirational, unusual or funny, using Home Assistant?

Click here to send us your Community Highlight suggestion.

Also, don’t forget to share your creations with us via Social Media:

See you next edition!